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Zeos and/or SQLite crashing with Memo

user2175495 Published in 2013-03-22 02:18:14Z

I have a VARCHAR2 Field of 10,000 Bytes and during the initiating process Zeos crashes with invalid data size. Stepping through it, the Size in question, Zeos shows 4,223,943 which I would agree, should be invalid.

Currently it appears that SQLite will not store more than 255 Bytes in a memo and now Zeos will not let me have a 10,000 VARCHAR2.

I tried with 5000 and it worked OK, but I needed more.

Should I look at something other than SQLite?

Thoughts and suggestions please.

Thanks (using D5)

pf1957 Reply to 2013-03-22 07:09:52Z

This is the limitation of TDataset and its descendants, see dsMaxStringSize=8192. You cannot use (VAR)CHAR datatype. Sqlite itself keeps strings as ASCIIZ of 'unlimited' length.

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