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zeos and exact record count

user733 Published in May 21, 2018, 6:38 pm

D5, Zeos 6 and SQLite

I'd like to know the actual RecordCount of a DataSet.

If it is Filtered then RecordCount only returns the available records as Filtered.

TDbf has an ExactRecordCount which always shows the total Records regardless of Filtering or Indexes.

Does Zeos (or SQLite) have anything like that?

With a Filtered DataSet, I want to use...

Label1.Caption:=IntToStr(tbl1.RecordCount)+' of '+
                IntToStr(tbl1.ExactRecordCount);  // or whatever??


If I have to use an SQL Query (Count(*) <-- read about it here) how do I pass the result back to a variable or Function Result in Delphi?


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