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Authenticate user using omniauth and Facebook for a rails API?

user1048 Published in June 20, 2018, 7:43 am

I'm building a Rails API and have successfully built a way for a user to authenticate using Omniauth Identity.

We simply post to auth/identity/callback from the client, passing in an auth_key and password.
The server then returns a doorkeeper token that the users then uses from then on to access the app and identify themselves.

This diagram illustrates this:

We'd now like to implement a Facebook login from the client, but are having trouble making it work, both theoretically and practically.

On a simple Rails App with Omniauth Identity, you'd simply call auth/facebook, but if we put a link from this in the client, it calls the server and the server then logs:

INFO -- omniauth: (facebook) Request phase initiated.

The app is set up correctly in Facebook with an ID and Secret, so perhaps the log-in prompt is getting returned to the server?

I'm getting confused though chaining the authentication. Any help gratefully appreciated!

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