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Creating a summary sheet from multiple workbooks

user5883 Published in September 19, 2018, 11:03 am

I have a task at hand. I want to create a summary sheet by extracting data from multiple workbooks in a folder. These files are same in formatting. What i need to do is extract data from each workbook from the 5th worksheet. The cells are G4, H4, G8, H8, G10, H10, G17, H17. I found a code at microsoft.com.

The code works fine when i provide only one cell like G4 or G4 and H4. The moment I provide the sourcerange as

.Range ("G4", "H4", "G8", "H8", "G10", "H10", "G17", "H17")

the code misbehaves. I get multiple rows for a single entry etc etc. I am not able to understand how to provide this sourcerange so that I get G4, H4, G8, H8, G10, H10, G17, H17 all in one single row inn the sourcerange variable. Any suggestions?

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