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Is optimistic locking work by default in hibernate?

user1792 Published in June 20, 2018, 7:34 am

Step 1 In one thread, i fetched Employee for id 1 from DB in hibernate session and close the session

Step 2 I started session 2, Upadted the employee name for id 1.

Step 3 Now back in thread 1, i changed the employee name in detached instance.Then open the hibernate session and updated the emp in db

I was expectind concurrent update exception because in between version has been updated by thread 2. Why it is not thrown? I think i am missing some concept here but not sure what?

Here is the relevant code :-

Thread 1

    Step 1
    Employee Employee1=(Employee)session.get(Employee.class, 1);

    Step 2
    // Start new Thread i.e Thread 2 and update Employee in between
       Makes sure thread 2 is done before proceeding to step3

     Step 3
    session = factory.openSession();
    tx = session.beginTransaction();
    tx.commit();// expect the concurrent update here

Thread 2

      Thread(SessionFactory factory){
           this.factory = factory; // same factory as used in Thread1

      public  void run() {

    Session session  = factory.openSession();

    Transaction tx = session.beginTransaction();
    Employee Employee1=(Employee)session.get(Employee.class, 1);

    session = factory.openSession();
    tx = session.beginTransaction();

Do hibernate need explict configuration to check version while update?

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