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Facebook login permissions for score

user1032 Published in June 24, 2018, 11:59 pm

It's not clear to me how the permissions work in facebook. I want to store the users highscore, and show a toplist with the user's friends scores. I don't want to post on the feed of the user, I just want to use the scores api.

Do I need the publish_actions permission for that?

I've been creating test users for trying things out, and I noticed that the auth tokens have different scopes:

test user1: public_profile, basic_info, user_friends

test user2: public_profile, basic_info, publish_actions, user_friends

How the heck did test user2 get that permission?

I have a facebook app set up already, but if I needed the extra publish_actions permission, I would have to go trough a review process, right?

edit: my app is a unity3d game, running on android. also it seems, that I can get read scores, but can not set a new score, I get an error on that.

java.io.FileNotFoundException: https://graph.facebook.com/lotsofnumbers/scores
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