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Managing 301 redirects in a wordpress migration

rachel Published in 2014-08-16 05:16:32Z

My understanding of 301:

URL forwarding provided by most hosting companies is often 302 directing and does not inform the search engine that the site has actually moved.

The 301 redirects need to occur in the htaccess file located on the old domain hosting account.

My client believes the following will work but the logic does not make sense to me. Please let me know if it is correct.

Point the old domain name to the new domain name dropping the old hosting. Then use a 301 redirect wordpress plugin to handle the redirects. So essentially trying to visit old-site.com/blog would send you to new-site.com and the 301 redirect module would send you to /blog if that's what you had tried to visit on the old site.

Is this possible? To me I would think you would need to make a redirect of /blog -> new-site.com/blog and the redirect would need to be in the htaccess file of the old site.

Please tell me if I'm wrong. I very rarely handle any migrations but I thought I understood redirects.

Joe Sniderman
Joe Sniderman Reply to 2014-08-16 06:10:34Z

tl;dr: Talk the client out of their idea. Do the redirect in .htaccess

What your client is suggesting is certainly doable. However, doable != advisable..

That said, it would be most efficient to host both the old site and new site on the same server, and then put the redirect into either the .htaccess or better yet the actual vhost config (if allowed by the new host) on the new server.

If that is not an option (new host wont allow it, or some similar reason) then yes, better to just do the redirect in .htaccess on the old site. Not only to address the possible SEO concerns regarding 301 vs 302, but also because it is more flexible. The only real downside to your approach vs the clients suggestion is the continued billing for the old webhosting. If you can mitigate that by moving the hosting for both to the same place, great, if not, keep both hosting accounts despite the cost.

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