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plot categorization of strings, matlab

user996 Published in May 21, 2018, 11:18 am

Edit: while the solution suggested works this format is problematic when I have many long strings, any suggestions?

Lets say I have categorized a vector of M stings into N groups. Meaning each of the M strings is assigned a number between 1 to N indicating the category the string belongs into. For example if M=6 and N=3 I might have:

v = [ 'a' ; 'b' ; 'c' ; 'd' ; 'e' ; 'f' ]
c = [  1  ;  2  ;  1  ;  1  '  3  ;  2  ]

which indicates that a, c and d were all categorized to group "1". "e" was categorized to group 3.

I want to somehow plot - using Matlab - this categorization.

I am trying something along the lines of:


but I need the plot to look more like a scatter, sadly it seems scatter does not work with strings. Any suggestions?

Plus, the vector of strings might get very long, anyone knows how to make the plot scrollable?

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