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How to dynamically show data inside a dynamically added div

Yash Published in 2015-11-18 05:23:34Z

I am dynamically adding a div inside another div and I am successful in doing it. However, I want to display data inside the dynamically added div in which I am really stuck. Below is the code:


function GetInfoOnSameActivity(currentElem, priorityObj) {    
        if (priorityObj.UpcomingActivities() != undefined) {
            $.each(priorityObj.UpcomingActivities(), function (i, v) {
            var activityElements = $(currentElem).find('.priority-icon')[i];
            var div = $('<div>').addClass('detail-popup');                

This above jquery function is called at the load time. The cshtml is as below:


<div class="priority-icon">                    
                @*<div class="detail-popup">
                    <strong data-bind="text:Title()"></strong>
                    <p data-bind="text:Description()">

The code that I have commented in the .cshtml, is the class that I am adding dynamically. I now want to add the tag values dynamically inside the class detail-popup. Do I need to add and append each tag that I have used in the .cshtml inside the dynamically added div to show their value(eg. <strong>, <p>)

madalinivascu Reply to 2015-11-18 06:02:57Z

You can append multiple tags like


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