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API facebook don't publish feed on page

user6467 Published in September 19, 2018, 3:47 am

I want to publish feeds on the Facebook Page by API. I have followed the facebook documentation creating app in the facebook developer. Before I have registered a account facebook (example: test_account) and after that I have created the page for the business activity (example: test_page) where the manage admin is "test_account". I have gone to the API by Graph API Explorer


I have granted the "publish_actions" and taken the access token generated by interface tool as followed image

After that I have tried the call POST request to test the publish feeds on the page facebook (test_page) by


and I have received the new ID_feed and I have seen the feed on facebook page and OK, but the access token the day after was expired. How can I have the access token that don't expired ? I have tried another solution to obtain the access token from the call GET request (as documentation)

(STEP 1)

so I have obtained access token associated to the APP (see below)


(STEP 2) I have sended call GET request


and I have obtained the followed response:

  data: [1]
       0:  {
          id: "xxxxxxxx"
          login_url: "https://developers.facebook.com/checkpoint/test-user-login /132173517148280/"
          access_token: "123456........"

paging: {
cursors: {
before: "yMTczNTE3MTQ4Mjgw"
after: "yMTczNTE3MTQ4Mjgw"

(STEP 3) So I have tried the call POST request to publish the feed on the facebook page with the last access token (123456........) and I have received

id: "1256xxxxxx_133346xxxxxx"

but in the page business I don't see the feed... WHY? IMPORTANT:I have noticed if I call the request GET API to obtain all feeds page (https://graph.facebook.com/ID_PAGE/feed?access_token=CAAPG1DFdxrs...........) I can see the feeds published, but into the facebook interface timeline I don't see the feed. I have noticed that the feed publish by API return:

message: "test"
created_time: "2015-11-29T16:39:44+0000"
id: "APP_ID_138999329797136"

The second part the id is different respect when I publish the feed with access token get from the API Graph.

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