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Are Session Fixation Attacks in MVC 5 still an issue

user823 Published in April 24, 2018, 8:39 am

I've been reading a lot about session fixation attacks and the most popular solutions I've come across are changing the SessionID when user logs in and creating an additional cookie using a GUID to verify the user "belongs" to the SessionID.

My question is this: Isn't it enough to just delete the SessionID cookie (ASP.NET_SessionID) to ensure a new SessionID is generated? In MVC 5, when the user logs in an additional encrypted user claims cookies is created (AspNet.ApplicationCookie) which Identity uses to authenticate the user upon each request. The additional "GUID cookie" seems unnecessary.

I’m originally a .NET desktop application developer writing my first MVC app and the learning curve has been a bit steep… although refreshingly enjoyable.

Thanks for any help.

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