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Pseudo-MEAN app - Angular 2 Node Api

user4291 Published in September 19, 2018, 6:44 pm

This question comes in two parts based on how it has to work in production.


  • Create Angular 2 web app (SPA) that calls the api
  • NodeJS API (RESTful)
  • MongoDB
  • Host on Azure

Here's the first question:

  1. To host on Azure and hopefully use Continuous Deployment from github, would I have to create two Azure Web Apps? One for the Angular 2 app, and one for the NodeJS API?
  2. Or can I integrate the RESTful NodeJS API into the application with the Angular 2 app? This would probably only require one web app in Azure. If this is possible, I'm confused as to how to execute both the API and the Angular 2 app on Azure. It seems the command "npm start" usually starts the Angular 2 app, but can the NodeJS API be launched as well?

Any clarity for this is appreciated.

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