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How to use gin indexes in postgresql

user5144 Published in September 20, 2018, 12:45 pm

I have never used GIN indexing before and I am trying to understand how it works. I have a static table with 4million rows, which I need to run SELECT queries with WHERE clauses.

Right now my table has a B-Tree index on the column "name" which is used in the where clause.

I have read that doing a full text search using a GIN index can greatly improve the speed. I have read the tutorial here and right now I am not sure if this is something I can use when I have only one table.

Does full text search works in case of multiple tables that we want to join?

I understand that the GIN Indexing works on a tsvector column. This is what I have done till now:

I have altered my table and added one more column: tsv:

ALTER TABLE my_table ADD COLUMN tsv tsvector;

I createad a GIN index on my ts_vector column:

CREATE INDEX tsv_idx ON my_table USING gin(to_tsvector('english', name));

And I have updated the column:

UPDATE my_table SET tsv = to_tsvector(name)

Are the above correct? So now if I want to run the following query:

SELECT clm1, clmn2 FROM my_table WHERE name LIKE 'Ath%' ORDER BY 1

how can I do it using the GIN index?

I tried this:

SELECT clm1, clmn2 FROM my_table WHERE tvs LIKE 'Ath%' ORDER BY 1

But I get an error:

ERROR:  operator does not exist: tsvector ~~ unknown

What am I missing here? What is the correct use of GIN? And can I apply full text search on a single table?

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