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pgadmin 4 (or db visualiser) entity relation diagram

Mel Published in 2017-02-01 06:31:44Z

How do you make an entity relation diagram using pgAdmin v4 or DB Visualizer or any other open source tool?

PG Admin There are lots of explainers for pgadmin III but they suggest that there should be a tab called 'graphical query builder under the tools/query menu. There isnt. It has since been explained that this feature no longer exists in pgadmin.

Objective I have 70 tables in my schema and I'm trying to find instructions for how to generate a graphical representation of the relations between them.

Does anyone know where to find instructions for how to do this with an open source tool (written in clear english)?

DB Visualizer I've separately downloaded DB Visualiser on my mac, but I cant find instructions for how to locate and connect my database, but the table values don't make sense to me. I get a successful connection message showing and then I can see the name of the db (that I enter in the wizard) on the connections tab, but all of the menus underneath that are gibberish - none of them show my schema.

Does anyone know how to generate an entity relation diagram from Postgres on a mac?

Mel Reply to 2017-02-04 20:02:09Z

I eventually found: gem "rails-erd" Which produced the diagram in 2 minutes.

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