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print sum of data members of child classes in parent function

Allen M
Allen M Published in 2017-03-12 20:40:39Z
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

class Fruit {

int nr_fruits = 0;

void printTotal() {
    cout << "Total fruits in the basket: " << nr_fruits << endl;


class Mango : public Fruit {

int nr_mangoes;


void getMango(int x) {
    nr_mangoes = x;
    cout << "There are " << nr_mangoes  << " mangoes in the basket" <<  endl;
    nr_fruits = nr_fruits + nr_mangoes;


class Apple : public Fruit {

int nr_apples;


void getApple(int x) {
    nr_apples = x;
    cout << "There are " << nr_apples << " apples in the basket" <<  endl;
    nr_fruits = nr_fruits + nr_apples;

int main(int argc, const char * argv[]) {

Apple a1;
Mango m1;


return 0;


I need to make a function in the parent class Fruit, to be able to print the number of total fruits, in my case, nr_mangoes + nr_apples.

Obviously, the way i do it, the nr_fruits variable will output only the amount of mangoes or the amount of apples as the total amount of fruit.

How can i get to access the data members of the child classes, or make the variable nr_fruits so that it keeps the value throughout the program.

Fanarosss Reply to 2017-03-12 20:54:14Z

In this case you need the use of inheritance. You will use virtual functions.

You will have to store in a vector of pointers to fruit, all the fruits you have.

vector<Fruit*> MyFruits;

Inside class Fruit you will implement a virtual function:

virtual int get_num_of_fruits(){}

And inside the child classes:

int get_num_of_fruits(){
    return nr_child; //nr_apples,nr_mangos etc.

Then you will have an int nr_fruits = 0 and add to the number of all the fruits(apples,mangos etc.)

So, nr_fruits += MyFruits[i]->get_num_of_fruits(); for i = 0 to i<MyFruits.size()

amallard Reply to 2017-03-12 21:17:49Z

In the case of your example and for simplicity, you can change your nr_fruits variable to be static, then initialize it after the class declaration:

class Fruit {
        static int nr_fruits;
        void printTotal() {
            cout << "Total fruits in the basket: " << nr_fruits << endl;
int Fruit::nr_fruits = 0;

However, without knowing the full scope of the requirements for your program, I think you may want to consider to design a better approach to your problem...

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