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Sending hyperlink in the email issue

user1871 Published in June 20, 2018, 10:48 pm

MVC 4, C#, Visual Studio 2015, using smtp server. Sending hyperlink in the email. Very few people (out of those who email was sent to) receive not complete hyperlink, only part of the hyperlink is blue-underlined-active (represented in bold below). So when clicked on, it takes to https://abcd.efgh.org and not to page that the whole link points to. Those few most likely use gmail to receive emails.


---- VIEW SendMyEmail.html.cshtml--------------------------------------------------------------------

@using ActionMailer.Net
@model EmailSend
    Layout = "~/Views/Shared/_email_layout.cshtml";

    var emailContent = Model.email.emailContent;  // text
    emailContent = emailContent.Replace("{my_hyperlink}", @ViewBag.hyperlink);    

<!DOCTYPE html>


---- VIEW IS CALLED from controller --------------------------------------------------------------------

using ActionMailer.Net.Mvc;

public MyResult SendMyEmail(string mailTo, string hyperlink)

   EmailSend  emailSend = new EmailSend(... some params here ...);
   ViewBag.hyperlink = hyperlink;

   return Email("SendMyEmail", emailSend);

I was not able to replicate this issue or find any info online about similar issue so far. Why in-complete link is delivered to some users? Any ideas why it may be happening or suggestions on how to find out why it's happening are very much welcome. Many thanks.

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