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Is there any purpose for an empty Try/Finally block?

user3810626 Published in 2017-11-09 04:34:09Z

I have inherited a large code base that is full of constructs like this:


Sometimes "DoWhatever" involves some fiddling with controls, and very often it's a post to a database, and there are many cases in the code where there IS something in the finally block.

But my understanding is, if there's nothing in the finally block, then the whole try...finally thing is pointless. The code is pretty noisy overall so I'm assuming it was just a placeholder for future code or a holdover from previous code. (There are many placeholders in the code.)

Is my understanding correct or is there some secret double-bluff reverso in Delphi try...finally blocks I've overlooked? (This is Delphi 2010.)

Rob Kennedy
Rob Kennedy Reply to 2017-11-09 16:46:07Z

There is no functional purpose to it — it has no effect on the run-time behavior of the program. When control leaves the try section, the program will jump to the finally section, do nothing, and then continue to whatever the next instruction should be (according to how control reached the finally statement), the same as if the try-finally block hadn't been there at all. The only difference will be that the program spends an extra moment before and after the try-finally block as it sets up and clears the control structure form the stack.

It might be that the author had a template that included a try-finally block, but that some instances of that template ended up not needing any cleanup code. Having the code fit a consistent pattern might have made certain automated tasks easier.

The try-finally block might also provide a convenient place to put a breakpoint that triggers after the protected code runs, even in the event of an exception or other premature termination.

To find out why the code has such apparently useless constructs, ask the previous author, or check the commit history.

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