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Python 3: How do I place an incrementing literal in a loop?

rgblaine Published in 2017-11-12 15:44:17Z

I want to set up a list of buttons inside a loop, with each button's command calling a function with a different value.

for rank in range(21):
    self._rankButton.append(Button(self, text = "Rank " + str(rank),
        command = self._setDice(rank))

self._rankButton[0] should call self._setDice(0)
self._rankButton[1] should call self._setDice(1)
self._rankButton[20] should call self._setDice(20)

the only way I get this to work is by configuring the buttons individually outside the loop

VPfB Reply to 2017-11-12 16:01:47Z

Don't know what the Button is, but it looks like it expects a function to be called. So you must create that function:

...., command=lambda r=rank: self._setDice(r)

This should work, unfortunately it is not well readable. First lambda means makefunction. Second, there is a issue with late binding, that's why we must introduce r, because rank will have another value at the time this will be called.

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