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Java: Reference variable of object not updating to new instance of object?

user1814 Published in July 16, 2018, 3:06 am

I've written a small program of a car advertisement, but I'm confused as to why my variable c1 does not update to the newest car object that was made in my setter methods.

public class coolCars {
    public static void main(String args[]) {
        Car c1 = new Car("Barry", "998D", "Prius", 50, 1800.50);

And then here's my Car class

final class Car {
    private final String owner;
    private final String reg;
    private final String make;
    private final int kilometres;
    private final double price;
    public Car(String ow, String r, String m, int k, double p) {
        owner = ow; reg = r; make = m; kilometres = k; price = p; 
    public String owner(){return this.owner;}
    public String reg(){return this.reg;}
    public String make(){return this.make;}
    public int kilometres(){return this.kilometres;}
    public double price(){return this.price;}
    public Car setPrice(double p){return new Car(owner(), reg(), make(), kilometres(), p);}
    public Car setOwner(String ow){return new Car(ow, reg(), make(), kilometres(), price());}
    public Car setKil(int k){return new Car(owner(), reg(), make(), k, price());}
    public Car setMake(String m){return new Car(owner(), reg(), m, kilometres(), price());}

    public String toString(){return "(" + owner + " " + reg + " " + make + " " + kilometres + " " + price + ") ";}

As mentioned above, the owner variable is not updating which means c1 is still pointing at the initial instance of the object. Any ideas? Thanks.

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