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How would I go about declaring variables in a C# flowchart?

user884 Published in May 24, 2018, 4:00 pm

According to my programming instructor, my flowcharts for our programs have been done pretty well. However, I've been missing points for not having declared variables in my flowcharts. I declare them in the program (obviously), but I don't understand what she means when she says it's needed for the flowchart. I've already asked for her assistance and her response to me (and the rest of the students in her online courses) was to see a tutor (who is only at the school during one of my required work days). I've also tried Googling a solution and have found plenty of flowcharts, but none that seem to have declared variables so I'm kind of at a loss. The link to my flowchart is below. If ya'll need any more background on the problem or anything, let me know! I'm almost finished with this week's logic plan and this is the only thing I have left to do!

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