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Can I use a string as a name in Visual Basic to change an objects properties?

toblerus Published in 2017-11-14 01:36:07Z

My Idea is not too hard. I have a button, a string called "progname", a TextBox and three Progressbars.

When I enter a number into the TextBox and press the button, the following code run's through.

Dim progname As String
    progname = "Progressbar" & TextBox1.Text

Now I have a string called "progname" with relevant value.For an example "Progressbar2".

What I want to achieve is write something like:

progname.Value += 1 

Which can't be done, as "Value" is not a Member of "String". How can I do this? Overall what I want, is to be able to select one of the three progressbars by typing one of the numbers 1-3 into the TextBox and then change that ones porperties.

David Wilson
David Wilson Reply to 2017-11-14 09:37:20Z

Yes you can.

A basic example is this, which searches your form for controls with the name matching your string. It then changes the type to a ProgressBar so you can access all the methods ..

Dim progbar As ProgressBar = CType(Me.Controls.Find(progName, False)(0), ProgressBar)
progbar.Value += 1
Promod Piyatissa
Promod Piyatissa Reply to 2017-11-14 02:38:15Z

Get Prograssbar value into integer type variable. Like

Dim progname As String
Dim val As Integer
val = ProrassBar2.Value

Then increment it


After that combine it to string

progname = val & TextBox1.Text
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