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NodeJS Change variable from within a function

user1958 Published in May 24, 2018, 4:00 pm

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Long story short, im newish to NodeJS and im trying to change a variable after a function has been executed, however I cant return a result like I thought I could.

app.get('/:steamid', function(req, res) {

    var steamID;
    var steamAvatarUrl;
    var steamRegisterDate;

    steamAPI.ResolveVanityURL(req.params.steamid, function(err, res) {
        console.log('Steam64: ' + res); // <- this prints out my result
        steamID = res;

    steamAPI.getAvatarUrl(req.params.steamid, function(err, res) {
        console.log('Avatar URL: ' + res); // <- this prints out my result
        steamAvatarUrl = res;

    steamAPI.memberSince(req.params.steamid, function(err, res) {
        console.log('Registered: ' + res); // <- this prints out my result
        steamRegisterDate = res;

    console.log(steamID); //<--- This returns undefined

    res.render('steamid.hbs', {
        "title": steamID,
        "avatarURL": steamAvatarUrl,
        "registerDate": steamRegisterDate

An help with an example/resolution of how I accomplish this would be amazing. I am a visual learner so please dont say "use this or do that" without giving some sort of example to it or I honestly wont get it lol.

Thanks ahead of time.

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