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How to access Windows.Services.Store from Delphi 7

Tom Published in 2017-11-14 09:22:32Z

I am selling Delphi app in Win 10 Store and like to start to use new buy in-app features. How to use Windows.Services.Store from Delphi 7 ?

Is there example code for accessing StoreContext COM interface ?

Stefan Wick MSFT
Stefan Wick MSFT Reply to 2017-12-04 18:43:02Z

You have to build a wrapper C++ component that makes the API calls into Windows.Services.Store.* APIs and exports entry points for your app to call. Then you include this component in your Delphi app package and call from your Delphi code into the exported entry points.

I don't have a Delphi 7 sample available, but here is a sample that is applying the same concept with a VB6 app: https://github.com/Microsoft/DesktopBridgeToUWP-Samples/tree/master/Samples/VB6withXaml

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