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Invalid floating point operation Delphi

Luca Ciancaglione
Luca Ciancaglione Published in 2017-11-14 15:22:11Z

I have a problem in a Delphi program that i'm writing. The problem is this piece of code:

  TRobot = class(TObject)
    fAcceso: Boolean;
    fOra: TTime;
    fCode: Integer;
    mex: string;
    constructor Create;

// ...

myrobot.mex:= ('Acceso: '+  BoolToStr(myrobot.fAcceso) + 
               ',Tempo:' +  TimeToStr(myrobot.fOra) + 
               ',Codice:' + IntToStr(myrobot.fCode));  

precisely with TimeToStr(myrobot.fOra).
The problem occurs is

"Invalid floating point operation".

Can someone help me??

Sanders the Softwarer
Sanders the Softwarer Reply to 2017-11-14 15:47:14Z

This error message means division by zero, square root of negative value and similar issues. It looks like something wrong either with myrobot.fOra or with format settings.

Set breakpoint at this line and check fOra value. If it looks good, use F7 to step into TimeToStr (yes, you can debug system library routines... maybe you'll need to install VCL sources and/or set up 'use debug dcu(s)' option of your project). Using it you'll be able to reach exact place of error and check what's wrong.

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