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DDD: Referencing MediatR interface from the domain project

user2242 Published in July 16, 2018, 6:31 pm

I'm just getting started with DDD. I'm putting domain events into a CQRS application and I'm stumbling on a fundamental task: How to use the MediatR.INotification marker interface within the domain project without creating a domain dependency on infrastructure.

My solution is organized in four projects as follows:

    - Domain events
    - Aggregates
    - Interfaces (IRepository, etc), etc.
    - Commands
    - Command Handlers, etc.
    - Repository
    - Emailer, etc.
    - Startup
    - MediatR NuGet packages and DI here
    - UI, etc.

I currently have the MediatR and MediatR .net Core DI packages installed in the UI project and they are added to DI using .AddMediatR(), with the command


which scans and registers command handlers from the AppServices project.

The problem comes when I want to define an event. For MediatR to work with my domain events, they need to be marked with the MediatR.INotification interface.

namespace ObApp.Domain.Events
    public class NewUserAdded : INotification

What is the proper way to mark my events in this situation so they can be used by MediatR? I can create my own marker interface for events, but MediatR won't recognize those without some way to automatically cast them to MediatR.INotification.

Is this just a shortcoming of using multiple projects? Even if I was using a single project, though, I would be putting an "external" interface in the domain if I used MediatR.INotification from within the domain section.

I've run into the same issue when my User entity inherited from EF's IdentityUser. In that case the web consensus seems to say be pragmatic and go ahead and allow the minor pollution to save a lot of headaches. Is this another similar case? I don't mind sacrificing purity for pragmatism, but not just to be lazy.

This is a fundamental issue that will occur with other packages I use, so I look forward to solving this.

Thank you!

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