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Editor wysiwyg Angular 1 + materializecss

javaTry Published in 2017-11-14 18:43:21Z

I am looking for a editor WYSWIYG for inject an application. This application uses Angular 1.5 and Materializecss. I found too many options, but, not free. Some options are very good, but, it are incompatible with materializecss, because uses bootstrap.

This application is a commercial application, that my customer will use in their intranet.

I like this options, but I understand that I can not use, because the application is for a company (my customer): - TinyMCE - CKEditor

This option is good, but do not have some features that I need (table): - TextAngular

This option is very good, but is incompatible with materializecss: - SummerNote

Yout know some editor that I can use for my customer and is free? Thanks!!!

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