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Image doesn't show up in iPhone Launch screen

itMaxence Published in 2017-11-14 20:50:07Z

I have images that don't show up when I use it in:

  • (iPhone) launch-screen

But images show up in:

  • (simulator) random views of the storyboard
  • (simulator) launch-screen
  • (iPhone) random views of the storyboard

It looks like I messed up with my Assests folder(s), moreover I checked and normally in Copy bundle resources there is 3 items (launchscreen, main.storyboard, Assets.xcassets)

In my case there is only the Launch-screen one.

In parenthesis there is written (1 of 3)? What does it mean?

When I try to add the missing ones to this list, it doesn't show up (main.storyboard file neither Assets.xcassets)

How can I add this back to the list?

Is this related to my problem with images that doesn't show up in the launch-screen?

Do you have any explanation (or a link?) on how xCode(9) is doing the work behind the compilation-load-bar, related to:

  • the Copy bundle resources settings?
  • the assets?

Van Reply to 2017-11-16 12:52:16Z

click + button under "Copy bundle resource" and add both main.storyboard and Assets.xcassets from the pop up.

EDIT: in case the sources are not available in the pop up. search them in finder and drag and drop to project to add them again. (since those might have got deleted with their reference.)

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