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Create a new variable based on existing data

beckylllin1992 Published in 2017-11-14 21:23:00Z

I have a variable called "Item", it contains data looks like "1, A, 2, B, 3, C, 4, D, 5, E, 6, F". The data type of this variable is a list. I would like to create a new factor variable called "Item type", which contains two values, either "numbers" or "letters".

So ideal dataset looks like this

Item     Item type
1        numbers
A        letters
2        numbers
B        letters
3        numbers
C        letters
4        numbers
D        letters

I'm having trouble to create the new variable "item type". I have tried a couple ways to do that. It seems like my data type of "item" is a list, so it wouldn't allow me to create a new factor. Does anyone can help me with it? A sample code would be helpful! Thank you!

PoGibas Reply to 2017-11-14 21:41:54Z

Please try this (your table should be called df):

df$`Item type` <- ifelse(grepl("[0-9]", df$Item), "numbers", "letters")

Here I use grep to find if string contains number and ifelse to return numbers if it does or letters if it doesn't.

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