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Interface Builder PREVIEW using IBDesignable and core graphics (drawrect)?

Jules Published in 2017-11-14 22:41:21Z

I have lots of views - sub classes (UILabel, UIVIew, UIButton etc) using core graphics (within drawrect).

These show fine within normal interface builder.

However they do not show in the preview assistant editor for the storyboard (where you can see how views should look on actual devices).

I've been doing some research and found posts suggesting prepareForInterfaceBuilder should be used. However this doesn't show in preview for me.

I asked this question some years ago, IB_DESIGNABLE, having views show in preview? however I can't reproduce this, I'm not convinced it did work back then either.

I'm still following the same approach, with a framework and that link shows my implementation.

I know that prepareForInterfaceBuilder should be used to do something different, to show something basic. Therefore I believe that core graphics won't work.

However, I can't even get a simple change in background color to work in the preview, although it does work in normal interface builder.

I would like to know if this is a bug (that core graphics can not be used in preview) or still a limitation in xcode?

At the very least I'd like to do something simple (like a change in background color). I have a lot of views and an impossible task to make auto layout changes.

Previously I was producing lots of screen shots, different devices, languages etc (via automation) just so I could see my auto layout changes, which is really slow way to work.

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