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Loop through words in a string

user4935 Published in September 19, 2018, 6:43 pm

I've seen a lot of javascript stack questions around this, but nothing specifically related to SQL Server.

What I need to do is accept a string value and do a loop over the string multiple times to get back all the individual words so I can do calculations on them.

A rough idea is shown below. Anyone know how this can be achieved?

Declare @String nvarchar(50) = 'Mary had a little lamb'
Declare @word nvarchar(50) 

Start Loop 1 to 5 
    Set @word = 'Mary' (1)
    Set @word = 'had' (2)
    Set @word = 'a' (3)
    Set @word = 'little' (4)
    Set @word = 'lamb' (5)
End Loop
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    Google: "SQL Server split string". – Gordon Linoff Nov 15 '17 at 0:42

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