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Time-based conditionals for ROR

user835 Published in July 19, 2018, 3:12 pm

I'm running a ROR Database-driven website operating out of C9 IDE; It's a website where users submit text through an html form to collaborate on a story, one sentence at a time.

What I'm Trying to do: I need to figure out the syntax necessary to have the database purge itself every thirty days. Broadly, I need to create an if-then statement that can run independently of either user input or my input in the background, meaning that I need a script that can be in the background whenever the server is active. Input is appreciated!

UPDATE: I understand that there is a possible duplicate of this question and I want to clarify how this is different; that question is outdated because Heroku has since deprecated the framework being used, and I also don't really want to use Heroku.

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