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Downloading content from URL without prompting for authentication in Grails

user3701 Published in July 18, 2018, 4:50 am

I am working on a web app programmed in Grails. I have a page used to display a certain report and these reports can contain attachments. The attachment is stored in documentum and currently, when the user clicks on it, it is only a link to the location in documentum where the attachment is stored and prompts the user for his credentials. My app has documentum credentials stored in the configuration file therefore I want to use those rather than forcing the user to enter his own credentials. I am using RESTful services to retrieve link but I am trying to find a way to use the link to download directly to the users computer.

private def getFileInfo(def id, def subject) {
  // product show view needs the following four lists to display the document information correctly
  def ATRReportInstance = ATRReport.findByTrackingNumber(id)
  def linkList = []
  def nameList = []
  def formatList = []
  def idList = []
  // open up a connection to the documentum server
  def doc = connectToDocumentum()

  if (!doc) return
  def rest = doc.rest
  def response = doc.response
  if (response.status == 200) {
    // retrieve the folder for this product (the name of this folder is the product's ID)
    def rObjectId = rest.get(documentumServer + "/repositories/" + documentumfilestore + "?dql=select r_object_id from dm_folder where any r_folder_path='" + atrreportfolderpath + "/" + id + "'") {
      auth authuser, authpass
    // get the folder's ID from the folder object retrieved above
    def folderObjectID
    rObjectId.json.entries.each {
      entry - >
        folderObjectID = entry.content.properties.r_object_id
    // get all of the documents in the product's MSDS folder using the folder ID retrieved above
    def resp = rest.get(documentumServer + "/repositories/" + documentumfilestore + "?dql=select r_object_id, object_name, a_content_type, subject from cbs_document where any i_folder_id= '" + folderObjectID + "'") {
      auth authuser, authpass
    // cycle through the documents above to populate the four MSDS document information lists
    def x = 0
    resp.json.entries.each {
      entry - >
        if (entry.content.properties.subject == subject) {
          // get the document's content object from the document's ID
          def content = rest.get(documentumServer + "/repositories/" + documentumfilestore + "/objects/" + entry.content.properties.r_object_id + "/contents/content" + "?media-url-policy=local") {
            auth authuser, authpass
          if (entry.content.properties.r_object_id != null && ATRReportInstance.inactiveFiles != null && ATRReportInstance.inactiveFiles.contains(entry.content.properties.r_object_id.toString())) {} else {
            linkList[x] = getLink(content.json.links, "enclosure")
            if (linkList[x].contains("format=msg"))
              linkList[x] = linkList[x].toString().substring(0, linkList[x].toString().indexOf("content-media")) + "content-media.msg"

            formatList[x] = entry.content.properties.a_content_type
            nameList[x] = entry.content.properties.object_name
            idList[x] = entry.content.properties.r_object_id
    return [linkList: linkList, nameList: nameList, formatList: formatList, idList: idList]
  } else {
    // return null if documentum is unavailable
    flash.message = message(code: 'error.documentum.unavailable')
    return null

I'm thinking writing another function that can take in a URL and download the document to the user might work, but I can't figure how to retrieve that document within Grails.

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