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AdLockOptimistic equivalent in razor pages

Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez Published in 2017-12-03 08:41:49Z

I'm working on a .Net Razor Web Page and I want to know how to block the read registry (previously I used AdLockOptimistic in ADO) until the update is completed, my code is...

        var sqlLeeUsr = "SELECT UsrSmlla FROM tbUsr WHERE (UsrNro=@0)";
        var usr = db.QuerySingle(sqlLeeUsr, intUsrNro);
        if (usr != null)
            intSecuencia = usr.UsrSmlla + 1;

            var sqlModUsr = "UPDATE tbUsr SET UsrSmlla=@0 FROM tbUsr WHERE (UsrNro=@1)";
            db.Execute(sqlModUsr, intSecuencia, intUsrNro);
mjwills Reply to 2017-12-03 11:55:20Z

Rather than querying the value, then incrementing it, you should do the two operations in one. That way, each invocation will definitely get a unique value.

The code you want to execute is likely:

var sqlLeeUsr = "UPDATE tbUsr SET UsrSmlla=UsrSmlla+1
    FROM tbUsr
    WHERE (UsrNro=@1)";
var changed = db.QuerySingle(sqlLeeUsr, intUsrNro);

This will update the table and return the new (incremented) value.

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