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How to import bulk products in Facebook shop?

Umar Akram
Umar Akram Published in 2017-12-04 08:16:40Z

Im using codeigniter3. Its E-commerce website and have above 7000 products. Facebook shop option don't allow to upload bulk products. its just allow to upload 1 product at a time. Its very hard to upload 7000 products manually.
Kindly give me some sample or right path to achieve this goal. Thanks.

Phil Hudson
Phil Hudson Reply to 2017-12-04 14:53:30Z

There is currently no public API for this. You will have to apply for the Alpha here:


Currently, businesses can create a Shop section on a Page via self-serve Page publishing tools or through select third party eCommerce platforms like Shopify. We're now expanding our alpha test to additional third party eCommerce platforms. Through this API, platforms can offer their merchants the ability to sell products right on their Facebook Page via the same tools they are using to manage their eCommerce business.


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