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Razor link to read file path from Controller

carl Published in 2017-12-04 12:03:34Z

I'm quite new to the concept of razor. Basically, I need to download .pdf files. The paths are stored in my database.

I need to have a hyperlink on my cshtml which will call a function inside my Controller. Then, on my controller, it will fetch the path of my file, which will return to my cshtml and do a windows.open(path).

Please let me know how can this be possible or perhaps a better approach to perform what I need to do.




@Html.ActionLink (
linkText: "My Link",
actionName: "DownloadFiles",
controllerName: "Files",
routeValues: new 
   fileId: id,
   fileType: "PDF"
htmlAttributes: null



public ActionResult DownloadFiles(int fileId, string fileType) 
   string FilePath = "";
   FilePath = service.GetFilePath(fileId,fileType);

   return FilePath;
Manprit Singh Sahota
Manprit Singh Sahota Reply to 2017-12-04 12:15:28Z

You have to return fileresult which is a child class for ActionResult:

public FileResult DownloadFile()
   string FilePath = "";
   FilePath = service.GetFilePath(fileId,fileType);

   // add virtual file path only
   return File(FilePath, "application/pdf");

Here virtual path can be "~/Uploadfile/mypdf.pdf"

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