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ListBoxFor is case insensitive

demo Published in 2017-12-04 12:17:08Z

In select I have 2 options with same text, but different case: test and TEST as example.

From server I receive only one selected item test. But on UI I see both test and TEST are selected.

var tagsList = Model.AllTags.Select(t => new SelectListItem
    Value = t,
    Text = t

<div id="tags-list-container" class="review-tags__select" style="display: none;">
    @Html.ListBoxFor(m => m.SelectedTags, tagsList, new { id = "tags-list-box" })

Is there any solution to make difference between my options ?

Firstly I thought it is caused by 3rd-party library for multiple select SumoSelect but later I've tried to use native multiple select and same thing happens - in result I have 2 selected options.


Currently my thoughts about setting selected values using jquery, something like this:


But it will be better to have this in ListBoxFor extension as for me.

Stephen Muecke
Stephen Muecke Reply to 2017-12-04 21:27:00Z

Internally the ListBoxFor() method generates its own IEnumerable<SelectListItem> to set the Selected property based on the value of the property your binding to.

From the source code, you can see that the private static IEnumerable<SelectListItem> GetSelectListWithDefaultValue() compares the values using StringComparer.OrdinalIgnoreCase so a value of "test" and "TEST" both match and both options would be set with the selected="selected" attribute.

If you want to use a HtmlHelper methods to generate the correct html to account for case sensitive values, then you will need to write your extension method (use the source code as a template for your code.

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