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UrlMapping to Index is not working

Devin Harris
Devin Harris Published in 2017-12-05 02:11:03Z

I am trying to get my Index which in my case is just localhost:8080 to go to a different page. This code is not working and I'm just going to the index page instead of rendering "this worked"

My UrlMappings file looks like this:

package appworld

class UrlMappings {

    static mappings = {

            constraints {
                // apply constraints here

        "/" {
            controller = "Home"
            action = "isUserLoggedIn"


The method in HomeController.groovy looks like:

def isUserLoggedIn() {
   println("We made it from index")
   render "this worked"
augustearth Reply to 2017-12-05 03:01:48Z

It looks like your syntax is off. Try:

"/"(controller:"home", action:"isUserLoggedIn")
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