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User parent make add and manage user child

Slawotu Published in 2017-12-05 09:58:03Z

I am looking for a solution that will allow users to register and log in. The main user will be able to set up other users who will be able to use his account depending on the permissions.

Are you suggesting any specific solutions?

It's only trying in Ruby on Rails and it's hard for me to find myself.

Slawotu Reply to 2017-12-05 12:27:33Z

ok thanks! I have twice model devise. How create new user in second model with user_id first/parent model?

and i have two question. when second user login, he must go to login form second model? He can use master form login from first model?

and i have last question. How get user_id global from session for child user?

Thanks and Mery christmas

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