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Redirect to another server site without changing domain name

user1287 Published in April 22, 2018, 12:36 am

I have two servers running Apache2, one with an associated domain name, let's say "www.home.com" and another one only known by its IP address, let's say

On www.home.com I have three web sites, configured through aliases in apache. I have http://www.home.com, http://www.home.com/school, http://www.home.com/work. All these sites are on the server www.home.com.

On, I have only one site, accessible by

How can I configure apache to have http://www.home.com/wiki working but transparently (not changing URL) call site ?

In other words, the user shall only see www.home.com/wiki/xxxxx when he uses the wiki.

What I have done:

  • On www.home.com : i have added a wiki folder with nothing in it, and an alias for www.home.com/wiki to work properly.

Then I have tried to use mod rewrite to replace by www.home.com but that does not work, and I am not even sure to do it the right way.

For your information, mod rewrite is configured and works properly on both servers.

Someone could please help me on that ? Maybe mod rewrite is not the right solution ?

Thanks ! Sam

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