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Typoscript Redirect Finisher after form submit

user1121 Published in July 16, 2018, 8:21 pm

I'm using Typo3 7.6.23 and Powermail 3.10. I've got a form which has multiple entries, such like yes/no buttons and a dropdown for text selection. Now I want to check if Yes/No is selected, if no is selected redirect to a specified pageID. I don't get this to work, so I tried to redirect to a page using static PID, this works.

So, my question is: Is it possible to use CASE Statements in RedirectFinisher under Powermail 3.10?

Here is my Code, which should determine if the text is "Deutschland". If it is "Deutschland" you should get redirected to PID 3040, this won't work either.

    plugin.tx_powermail {
 settings {
  setup {
   thx {
    #Following settings are normally set via Flexform
    body =
     redirect = CASE
    Redirect {
     key.data = TSFE: fe_user | sesData | powermail_166061 | uid918#
     #if field contains the word Deutschland, redirect to pid 3040
     Deutschland = TEXT
     Deutschland.value = 3040

     default = TEXT
     default.value = 103

What's the matter why this won't work like it should?

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