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Function template specialization with templated typename

Kosterio Published in 2017-12-06 09:05:27Z

I have a template method in some class

template<typename T> int get(T &value) const {

And several specializations

template<> int AAA::get<int>(int &val) const;
template<> int AAA::get<AAA>(AAA &val) const;

There is a templated type

template<const int SIZE> class BBB{

and I need to specialize my template method with this type.

template<> int AAA::get<BBB<SIZE>>(BBB<SIZE> &val) const;

I know that function template partial specialization is disabled. But maybe there be a solution for this particular case?

VTT Reply to 2017-12-06 09:13:36Z

You can turn it into template class specialization:

class AAA
    template<typename T> class get_impl
        public: static int get(T & value) { return(0); }

    public: template<typename T> int get(T & value) const

template<> class AAA::
    public: static int get(int & value) { return(0); }

template<> class AAA::
    public: static int get(AAA & value) { return(0); }

template<int SIZE> class BBB{};

template<int SIZE> class AAA::
    public: static int get(BBB<SIZE> & value) { return(0); }

int main()
    AAA a{};
    BBB<5> b{};
Jarod42 Reply to 2017-12-06 09:14:28Z

Instead of specialization, use overloads:

int AAA::get(int &val) const;
int AAA::get(AAA &val) const;
template <int Size> int AAA::get(BBB<SIZE> &val) const;
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