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Async implementation of ICommand reasonable?

user1294 Published in July 18, 2018, 4:57 am

I've got an async implementation of the ICommand interface that of course has to implement the method void Execute(object parameter)

The actual implementation is then async like the following:

public async void Execute(object parameter)
    await ExecuteAsync((T)parameter);

The ExecuteAsync method is then defined as follows:

private readonly Func<T, Task> execute;
private bool isExecuting;

public async Task ExecuteAsync(T parameter)
        isExecuting = true;
        await execute(parameter);
        isExecuting = false;

Now I do know that except for EventHandlers void should be avoided as return type for async methods. However ICommand is more or less a wrapper to clearly separate the view model from the actual event handlers. So am I fine with this implementation or will I run into problems?

Especially I'd like to know if I can safely use the execute command and rely on the Task to finish before the handler or will the handler complete regardless of the Task's status?

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