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Confused by asynchronous mechanism

user1988 Published in July 16, 2018, 6:09 am

I am confused by the fact that android is multi-threaded. If the code of a particular activity method is executing, can it be interrupted in the middle by onPause(), onStop() or onDestroy() or by another method like the onPostExecute() of an asynctask?

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This question is not about activities life-cycle. What i am really asking is if the onPause() method can interrupt the onClick() method (just an example) and i would like to read more about how exactly android manages activities, calls their async methods etc...

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Ok, it seems that i have found the relevant information i needed in the developer docs (don't know if it is explained better somewhere else): Threading Performance:


The main thread has a very simple design: Its only job is to take and execute blocks of work from a thread-safe work queue until its app is terminated. The framework generates some of these blocks of work from a variety of places. These places include callbacks associated with lifecycle information, user events such as input, or events coming from other apps and processes. In addition, app can explicitly enqueue blocks on their own, without using the framework.

It states that callbacks relative to activity lifecycle, user events such as input and other code are all managed using a "thread-safe work queue". This is central to understanding Android asynchronous programming. It explains a lots of things, such as why onClick() will be never be interrupted by activity onPause(), or why onClick() will be never be interrupted by a runnable posted using a Handler object (allocated in the main thread). So, for example, the onPostExecute() of an AsyncTask cannot interrupt the onClick() method (or onStart(), onResume(), onPause() etc...). As a novice android programmer, it was a bit confusing at first.

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