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Multiple pdf page in grails rendering plugin

user1646 Published in April 25, 2018, 12:25 pm

I'm trying to create a pdf with a multiple pages with the same header and footer in GRAILS. I choose the Rendering Plugin (http://plugins.grails.org/plugin/grails/rendering). I created the template, but I need to replicate the header and footer in every page. There is an example of gsp:

 @page {
    size: 210mm 297mm;
    thead { display: table-header-group; }
    tfoot { display: table-footer-group; }


        <td colspan="2" class="noborderAll">
        <table class="noborderAll">
            <tr><td class="noborderAll">
                <rendering:inlinePng bytes="${imageBytes}" class="imageSize"/>
                <td>HEADER INFO </td>

   <g:each in="${datalist}" var="data">
            <td >info</td>


If the data in ${datalist} is long and it goes to the second page, I'd like that the <theader> will be printed on the top of the new page. Is it possible?

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