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Convert table to JSON with an specific path

user768 Published in March 24, 2018, 12:39 am

I'm new with JSON format and i want to convert a Table from SQL to this format, i have something like this:

The row 1 and 2 belongs to the same Product, but the Area Column shows different attributes. TheJSON should have a node for each operation and subnode whit each attribute. I use this code:

    KeyOp, Office, OType, Channel, SubType, Operation
    , Area [Des.Area], IDOperation [Des.IDOperation], Ticket [Des.Ticket]
    , Currency [Des.Currency], Account [Des.Account], Ammount [Des.Ammount] 
FROM dbo.Table1 

but i get this behavior:

Is it possible to join this two lines? I'm using SSMS 2012.

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