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Spring Batch successful async job ending early

user1342 Published in March 20, 2018, 3:19 pm

I am running a multi-threaded Spring Batch job via a FlowBuilder splitting with a SimpleAsyncTaskExecutor.

The data I need to process is being read via ItemReaders and processed with ItemWriters, however I am noticing that the jobs will be marked as COMPLETED in my BATCH_STEP_EXECUTION table, and run without error, but there will be a small amount of records that should have been read + processed that were not.

So the job is ending early despite not having a failing condition.

Here is the job() method for my Job class

splitFlow = new FlowBuilder<Flow>("splitFlow").start(flows.get(0)).split(new SimpleAsyncTaskExecutor())
                .add(flows.get(1), flows.get(2), flows.get(3), flows.get(4)).build();

return jobs.get(jobName).start(splitFlow).end().build();

flows is an ArrayList of Flows that is populated via iterating over a range to get Steps based on the iterator's value

final List<Flow> flows = new ArrayList<();
for (int i = 6; i <= 10; i++) {
            final Flow flow = new FlowBuilder<Flow>("flow" + String.valueOf(i)).from(getStep(i)).end();
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