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Difference between Graph API and GraphQL

AskMe Published in 2017-12-07 02:10:53Z

Is there a difference between Microsoft Azure Graph API in Cosmos DB and its GraphQL provided by FaceBook?

Jayanta Mondal
Jayanta Mondal Reply to 2017-12-07 04:56:23Z

They are two very different things even though they share the keywords "graph" in them.

  1. CosmosDB Graph API is a query language to manage and query "CosmosDB graph database". Graph database unlike traditional databases, store information in the form of a graph (i.e., vertices and edges).

  2. GraphGL on the other hand is a query language for a user API. Let's say that you have a build stack (the underlying platform could be anything) that has a REST endpoint. However the rest APIs typically are simple and doesn't let you specify complex filtering conditions. GraphQL is a way (or replacement to tradition REST API) by which the developer of the stack can allow clients to avail these complex functionalities.

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