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use SIFT or ORB for template match

Michael Published in 2017-12-07 09:22:38Z

with inspire of this tutorial: Feature Matching, I'm trying to do template matching and clustering of image set I have.

The dataset I have in most of it, the image is straight ( maybe 10-degree rotate max ) I would like to use this information to have better matches, I have noticed that sometimes I have a false match that when I display the match I can see the match vectors are all in different angles (not straight line ) how can I check if the match it's got is a straight line or rotate?

Thanks for the help

Fou Reply to 2017-12-07 09:45:28Z

I'm not sure to understand everything, what do you mean by straight image?

And for the matches, when you compare two images, you will probably have many features that correspond between those two images, and you cannot ensure that they all describe a straight line, you can just assume having kind of straight lines when you try to find an object in an image as in the example, but this is just a representation...

If you only want to do clustering, I advise you to compare features only without doing some matching, you'll probably find a cluster of common features for some images that you can regroup

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