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Get user id and name from comment on Fan Page Wall

Rangga M Passadena
Rangga M Passadena Published in 2017-12-07 10:08:55Z

Since Facebook API update to v2.11, I cannot get User Id and Name from comments on FanPage Wall Post. Anyone can help/explain?

Usually I used this : https://graph.facebook.com/[POST_ID_PAGE]/comments?order=reverse_chronological&access_token=[YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN]

And the result just like :
"data": [
"created_time": values_date_TMZ,
"from": {
"name": USER_NAME,
"id": USER_ID
"message": THE_COMMENT,
luschn Reply to 2017-12-07 10:26:18Z

You need a Page Token now, to get user names - check out the changelog:


I assume you are using an App Token at the moment.

Edit: Of course it has to be a Page Token of the Page with the comment. And of course you need to manage the Page - else you would not even get a Page Token.

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