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kettle Converting from other Databases to PostgreSQL

cantus Published in 2017-12-07 11:19:35Z

I have a problem when I convert mysql database to postgres.

mysql tablenames and columns are all uppercase but kettle creates postgres tables all lowercase when i run this job. The components of tableoutput prints log just like this


I try mysql all lowercase, run successfully. I know postgres is case-sensitive but how to solve this case when mysql all uppercase or how to make the tableoutput to output lowercase sql.

Using kettle

AlainD Reply to 2017-12-07 12:10:54Z

Quick answer: The create table statement is an editable text. In particular you can copy/paste it into a notepad (or any editor), change all to lowercase and copy/paste it back before to push the create button. (Useful also for non-standard SQL dialect, like Date/Time/Boolean types).

Neat answer: Edit the connection. On the right panel you have a General/Advanced/Options/Pooling/Cluster menu. Go to the Advanced panel. There you can tell weather your database is using uppercase or lowercase.

Stupid but quick use of the clever answer: Use the Advanced menu to force quote around identifiers.

Really smart answer: Edit the MySQL connection and select the Options menu, and refer to that page. Postgres conforms strictly to standand SQL, so be reluctant to change the Options default for Postgres connections.

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